Cherokee Fishing Club
Goals and Objectives
1. To unite the club members in the bonds of  friendship, good sportsmanship, and mutual  understanding.

2. To aid in the permanent preservation and conservation of our natural resources at Lake  Cherokee.

3.  To create a greater interest in fishing at Lake Cherokee.

4.  To be educational and promote the sport of fishing on Lake Cherokee.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month and begin at 7:00 P.M.  
Meetings are held at the Cherokee Water Company Office
located at NK 20 Lake Cherokee.  Children are welcome!

Refreshments are available at each meeting
and we have our "Famous Monthly Raffle Drawings"
CFC News

Next CFC Monthly Meeting

Monday, March 10, 2014

***7:00 P.M.***
Cherokee Water Company Office
NK 20 Lake Cherokee

CFC Kid's Catfish Tournament               
Saturday September 13, 2014
(Rain Date Saturday September 20)

CFC Fall Bass Tournament                     
Saturday October 18, 2014  
Monthly CFC Meetings 2014
"         May                12

"         July                 14

"         August            11

"         September       08

"         October           13

"         November       10

"         December       08
The scheduled events for the Cherokee Fishing Club for
the 2014 year is listed below.  As you can see, the
tournament dates, Kid's Tournament and Monthly
meeting dates are posted.  I will find a spot to keep this
list throughout the year on this site but you can also
Copy&Paste the information to have a hard copy of the
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they are dedicated to serve quality feed and supply.  They also carry Cyber WP that
kills spiders, fireants  and other unwanted insect pest.  That product can be used in
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We would appreciate any photos you may have of recent fishing trips.  Please share the photos and send them in to me, as soon as possible.  I will begin updating the other pages on the
site very soon.  On the update schedule, we will post the revised entry form for the Spring Bass Tournament that will be held in April.  Of course we will have the forms printed in the
Cherokee Chatter that you will received the first week of March and April.

We will also begin a new page that contains the fish that are being caught in 2014, after we begin receiving recent catches.

If you have any suggestions to improve the Cherokee Fishing Club site please send the information to me by email, text or give me a call.
Now in effect

New Policy for Bass Length and Possession for Harvesting

Possession Limits on Black Bass          10

Bass to be kept by fishermen must be   17" and under
The 2014 individuals and companies that provided door prizes for the 2014 Spring Bass tournament can be seen by clicking on 2014 Tournament Donors navigation buttons on the upper left
of the web site.  Please visit this page and see the list of supporters that supported the fishing event and all of the shareholders who fished in the tournament.  Please support the
individuals and companies who supported us.  They provided thousands of dollars in merchandise, Gift Cards, prepaid VISA cards, and cash.  Please thank them for their support when you
see them!