Cherokee Fishing Club
Goals and Objectives
1. To unite the club members in the bonds of  friendship, good
sportsmanship, and mutual  understanding.

2. To aid in the permanent preservation and conservation of our natural
resources at Lake  Cherokee.

3.  To create a greater interest in fishing at Lake Cherokee.

4.  To be educational and promote the sport of fishing on Lake Cherokee.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month and begin at 7:00
Meetings are held at the Cherokee Water Company Office
located at NK 20 Lake Cherokee.  Children are welcome!

Refreshments are available at each meeting
and we have our "Famous Monthly Raffle Drawings"

Next CFC Monthly Meeting

Monday, November 10, 2014

***7:00 P.M.***
Cherokee Water Company Office
NK 20 Lake Cherokee

Monthly CFC Meetings 2014

"         November       10

"         December       08
2014-15 Schedule of Events
Now in effect

New Policy for Bass Length and Possession for Harvesting

Possession Limits on Black Bass          10

Bass to be kept by fishermen must be   17" and under
Our April tournament winners were Bob Tippit (L) Joe Rogers and Vernon Brown, Tournament Director is presenting the 1st Place winners check., 2nd was Team Laboe, 3rd was team Rinkle
and team 4 was team Gardner
Guests at the October 2014 CFC Meeting was Tyler Hewitt and Nancy Lanham
George Steele, pictured below discusses the subject of trotline use and
how to set up the trotline.   
John Bagles also talked about trotlines and his focused on catching the
Flathead catfish and he also presents pethods of using trotlines, hooks used
and how to find the Monsters of Lake Cherokee.  The flathead normally
grows to a weight up to 80 pounds and the record weight of the flathead is
about 123 pounds.
The winners of the October CWC Raffle are pictured below and if you can name everyone in the
photo and are the first person to name each individual will win an "Old Blue" lure at the
November meeting.  Only one prize available.  Names must be emailed prior to November 8,
The Cherokee Water Company annual shareholders meeting is Thursday, November 13.  We have eight candidates
running for four places on the CWC Board of Directors.  You are urged to vote in this election.  Please do not give
anyone your proxy votes and let them vote for you.
I am sure many of you remember Roy Blalock, who is a CFC Club Member, Great Nephew
of Genia and I and specially those of you that have worked on Habitat placement at Lake
Cherokee.  Roy is pictured below and is number 61.  Roy is sixteen years old and weighs in
at about 235 and is about 6'4."  Roy is a starting tackle on offense and also plays some
defensive positions and is sometimes used as a punter.  I also know that several of you also
met Dontae Winston, that is a teammate of Roy's, and plays cornerback.  The Benton
Arkansas Panther high School team record is 8-0-1 and ranked number 1 in the 6A
conference and about 6th overall in Arkansas.  The Panther football team is comprised of,
mostly, Juniors.

The Benton High School is planning on starting a BHS Fishing Club and could use some
fishing rods, reels, bait and terminal tackle.  Ass you know, both Roy and Richard, his
brother, are avid fishermen and learned, almost all, their fishing skills right here on Lake
Cherokee.  If you can, in some way to help out these kids, please email me or discuss it with
me at the next CFC meeting on November 10, 2014.
Karen and Larry Loper went out fishing  to the John C Spradley fishing hole
Thursday, November 6. Karen Loper caught this 9-10 Catfish and it was the largest
fish that Karen had ever caught.  When Steve Brown and I were passing by their boat,
we stopped to se HER fish.  It was a great catch!  She also said "if we are going to have
fish for dinner, someone had to catch a fish."She sounded like a true fisherman.  
Good Job Karen.