Cherokee Fishing Club
Goals and Objectives
1. To unite the club members in the bonds of  friendship, good
sportsmanship, and mutual  understanding.

2. To aid in the permanent preservation and conservation of our natural
resources at Lake  Cherokee.

3.  To create a greater interest in fishing at Lake Cherokee.

4.  To be educational and promote the sport of fishing on Lake Cherokee.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month and begin at 7:00
Meetings are held at the Cherokee Water Company Office
located at NK 20 Lake Cherokee.  Children are welcome!

Refreshments are available at each meeting
and we have our "Famous Monthly Raffle Drawings"

Next CFC Monthly Meeting

Monday, July 14, 2014

***7:00 P.M.***
Cherokee Water Company Office
NK 20 Lake Cherokee

CFC Kid's Catfish Tournament               
Saturday September 13, 2015
(Rain Date Saturday September 20)

CFC Members Only                  
Saturday, July 19, 2014

Monthly CFC Meetings 2014

"         July                 14

"         August            11

"         September       08

"         October           13

"         November       10

"         December       08
2014-15 Schedule of Events
Southland Feed is a great place to purchase
your fish food and lawn care items and they are
dedicated to serve quality feed and supply.  They
also carry Cyber WP that kills spiders, fireants  
and other unwanted insect pest.  That product
can be used in the place of Demon insect killer.  
This product cost about $20.00 less than Demon
and is just as effective.
Now in effect

New Policy for Bass Length and Possession for Harvesting

Possession Limits on Black Bass          10

Bass to be kept by fishermen must be   17" and under
Rick Loomis, Guide at Lake Fork, professional fisherman and
past host on a fishing show, "Honey Hole,"  and a winner of the
Skeeter's Owners Tournament on Lake Fork, will be the
programs speaker for the July 14 meeting.
Bob Tippitt & Zach caught about 100 Crappie today and kept 36 and is holding 2 of the 36
Protect Our Waters

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers!
In order to manage and conserve our natural resources, Texas Parks and
Wildlife Department enforces laws to protect our state waters against the
introduction of exotic aquatic species. Fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants
that are not native to Texas may compete with native animals and plants
for food and space. Because introduced species lack natural enemies in
their new environment, they can multiply and spread at an alarming rate,
interfering with boat traffic, affecting water quality, and causing a range
of other problems. For more information, visit

Zebra Mussels
Invasive zebra mussels have infested several Texas lakes. The Texas
Parks and Wildlife Commission has enacted new regulations to curb the
spread of this dangerous pest. Boaters and anglers in some North and
Central Texas counties are now required to drain all water from boats
and on-board receptacles before leaving or approaching a public water

Clean Recreational Equipment
Exotics often travel from one water body to another by "hitching a ride"
on a watercraft. To curb the spread of these invasive species, boaters in
Texas are required by law to remove harmful plants and animals from
boats and trailers before leaving the vicinity of a lake, river, or bay.

Follow These Simple Steps

Remove all plants, animals, and mud and thoroughly wash everything,
including crevices and other hidden areas.

Eliminate all water before leaving the area, including wells, ballast, and
engine cooling water.

Allow time for your boat to completely dry before launching in other
If your boat has been in infested waters for an extended period of time, or
if you cannot perform the required steps above, you should have your boat
professionally cleaned with high-pressure scalding hot water (>140°F)
before transporting to any other body of water.
A 33lb11oz Flathead caught by Ben Preston jr. (l) and helping hold the fish are Rachael and  Joey
Allan Franklin 8 lb Bass
Fish Caught during June 2014
Send in any photos of fish you may have caught to
Regan Wyche and "Wiz" with a nice crappie
Steve Brown 4 lb Bass
Trying to get caught up during a quite time when all my guest are swimming.  It's
been kind of hectic and will remain that way through August.  I will try to do