Cherokee Fishing Club
Goals and Objectives
1. To unite the club members in the bonds of  friendship, good
sportsmanship, and mutual  understanding.

2. To aid in the permanent preservation and conservation of our natural
resources at Lake  Cherokee.

3.  To create a greater interest in fishing at Lake Cherokee.

4.  To be educational and promote the sport of fishing on Lake Cherokee.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month and begin at 7:00
Meetings are held at the Cherokee Water Company Office
located at NK 20 Lake Cherokee.  Children are welcome!

Refreshments are available at each meeting
and we have our "Famous Monthly Raffle Drawings"
NEXT MEETING DATE  May 11 , 2015

Guest Speaker Todd Long, TP&W Game Warden
FISH SPECIES                                                                 LIMIT NUMBER                                     SIZELIMIT                                   

LARGEMOUTH BASS *                                                     7                          6 UNDER 17" AND
1 OVER 17", OR 7 UNDER 17"

SPOTTED BASS                                                               7 SPOTTED OR 7 TOTAL IN COMBINATION WITH LARGEMOUT
WHITE BASS                                                                     25                                                                        

YELLOW BASS                                                           NO LIMIT                                                             NO LIMIT                             

CRAPPIE      ( WHITE OR BLACK)                                    25                                            

CATFISH, CHANNEL, BLUE, THEIR HYBRIDS AND SUBSPECIES                     25                                                                         

OPELOUSAS  (YELLOW, MOTLEY, FLATHEAD)   CATFISH             5                                                  
MUST BE OVER 18"       

BREAM                                                                           NO LIMIT                                                            **NO LIMIT                     

*Fishermen are urged to keep all Largemouth and Spotted bass that are less than 17" in length, up to the daily harvest limits.

**Fishermen are urged to keep
ALL Green Sunfish and Warmouth (Goggle-eye) and All other (sunfish)Bream that are seven (7") inches and
in length

These limits effective February 1, 2015

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bo at 903-738-3090 or email
Cherokee Fishing Club's Annual Spring Tournament
New Members
Joe Johnson
Seth Butler
Chuck Pinson, Son of Charles and Yvonna Pinson, was our program speaker for the
April meeting.  Chuck did a great job in his presentation.  He has been a tournament
fisherman for years and has a great deal of knowledge about Bass fishing, and
especially fishing on Lake Cherokee.
                                                              Raffle winners for the April meeting
   Charley Haynes                            Mike Weed                                      Bob Tippit                                   Bill Drennan
                                                                             Raffle Winners for April
   Lee Scott                     Yvonna Pinson  Mark Eubank        Linda Steele              Tim Anderson                                     Larry Huffman
  Raffle Winner for April meeting
                 Chuck Pinson
2015 CFC Spring Bass Tournament Donors

West Drum, Lakeport; Wal Mart Stores, Inc., Henderson;  Wal Mart Stores Inc., Estes Pkwy, Longview; Tracker Boat Center,
Longview;  Toot Toot’s, Longview; Tidwell Tire, Longview; Tatum Hardware, Tatum;  Spring Hill State Bank, Longview;  Southland
Feed, Longview;  Sonic, Lakeport;  Smotherman Scenery Inc., Longview; Skinners Corner Store, Lakeport;  Skeeter Boat Company,
Kilgore; Shipp’s Marine, Gladewater; The Safe Store, Longview;  Ronnie Boswell, Cherokee Shores Realty, Longview;  R & K
Distributors, Longview;  Pizza King, Longview;  Plano Marine of East Texas, Longview;   Pegues Hurst Ford, Longview; Nichols
Marine, Longview;  NAPA Auto Center, Tatum;  McAlister,s Deli, Longview;  Longview Cycle and Ski, Longview;
Linda Voyles, Cherokee Shores Realty, Longview;  H2O Hand Car Wash, Longview;  Linda Fullman, Allstate Ins., Longview,;  Front
Porch Antiques, Longview;  Emerald Glen RV Park, FM 782,Tatum;  Ellis Pottery, Longview;  East Texas Vacuums, Longview;  East
Texas Sonar, Longview;  Lee’s Creek Grill, Henderson;  Larry Dodge, Allstate Ins. Longview; K&L Lube, Tatum;  Jakes Feed,
Longview;  Home and Garden Center, Longview;  Hayes RV Center, Longview; H&W Marine, Marshall;  Duke’s Fish Shack,
Lakeport;  Dianne Swank, Cherokee Shores Realty, Longview;  Citizens National Bank, Lakeport Branch, Longview;  Chic-Fil-A,
Longview;  Cherokee Water Company, Longview;  Carolyn Matter, Lake Cherokee; Burger Barn, Tatum;  Buffalo wild Wings of
Longview, Longview’  Bodacious BBQ, Longview;  Bodacious BBQ, Kilgore;  Boat Hoist USA, Kilgore;  Fowler Transportation,
Marshall; Automotive Supercenter, Eastman Rd, Longview;  Cherokee Shores Realty,Longview.

All of the donors listed above contributed almost $4,000, to the Cherokee Fishing Clubs Annual Spring
Tournament to be used a prizes and we appreciate each one of their donations to help support the Fishing tournament and
we hope that you will thank each one of the individuals or business that contributed to the success of the tournament.
                 Tournament Winners and Stringer Size

1st    Charles and Paul Pinson-------------------19.95 pounds
2nd  George Steele Mike Burks-----------------19.41 Pounds
3rd   Bud and Heather Dotson------------------18.48 Pounds
4th   Mark Freeman and Neal Owen---------- -17.13 Pounds
5th  Jeramy and Morgan Elliott---------------- -17.10 Pounds
6th  Terry Ford and Matt Ashby---------------  16.75 Pounds
7th   Drew Doerge and Hunter Daughtery-----   16.73 Pounds
8th  Regan Wyche and Clyde Potter------------15.53 Pounds

1st Place Big Bass  Regan Wyche---------- -----6.58 Pounds
2nd Place Big Bass Paul Pinson------------------6.36 Pounds

Ladies Big Bass  Morgan Elliott------------------ 6.43 Pounds

Youth Big Bass  Austin Daughtry-----------------4.45 Pound
Regan Wyche with 6.58 pound Big Bass
Don Anderson with his 8.64 pound Bass caught on
April 30, 2015.  The time of the catch was
10:00 a.m.