Cherokee Fishing Club
Goals and Objectives
1. To unite the club members in the bonds of  friendship, good
sportsmanship, and mutual  understanding.

2. To aid in the permanent preservation and conservation of our natural
resources at Lake  Cherokee.

3.  To create a greater interest in fishing at Lake Cherokee.

4.  To be educational and promote the sport of fishing on Lake Cherokee.

Meetings are held on the second Monday of each month and begin at 7:00
Meetings are held at the Cherokee Water Company Office
located at NK 20 Lake Cherokee.  Children are welcome!

Refreshments are available at each meeting
and we have our "Famous Monthly Raffle Drawings"
NEXT MEETING DATE  April 13 , 2015

Guest Speaker Chuck Pinson
January raffle winners
Gwen Brock
Bo Besharse
Linda Steele
FISH SPECIES                                                                                                       LIMIT
                                                SIZE LIMIT                                   

LARGEMOUTH BASS *                                                                                                   7                          
1 OVER 17", OR 7 UNDER 17"

SPOTTED BASS                                                                                       7 SPOTTED OR 7 TOTAL

WHITE BASS                                                                                                                   

YELLOW BASS                                                                                                             NO
LIMIT                                                             NO LIMIT                             

CRAPPIE      ( WHITE OR BLACK)                                                                              


OPELOUSAS  (YELLOW, MOTLEY, FLATHEAD)   CATFISH                                   
MUST BE OVER 18"       

BREAM                                                                                                                            NO
LIMIT                                                            **NO LIMIT                     

*Fishermen are urged to keep all Largemouth and Spotted bass that are less than 17" in length,
up to the daily harvest limits.

**Fishermen are urged to keep
ALL Green Sunfish and Warmouth (Goggle-eye) and All other
(sunfish)Bream that are seven
(7") inches and over in length

These limits effective February 1, 2015

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Bo at 903-738-3090 or email
The link below will take you to a website that has clear
details on how to tie all fishing knots.  Check it out, if
you have a special knot you would like to use or begin
CFC March Meeting
Orion Convection Smoker and insulated cups to be given away as door
Mike Kalb pictured with the Orion Smoker he
won at the March meeting
Royce and Robin Palmer talking about the Orion Smoker Grill that was given away at the meeting
90 CFC Members came to eat meat cooked on the Orion Smoker and then listen to information about the Orion Grill
Pete and Carol Staiti
helping to serve the
B-B-Q to the members
The Orion Stainless Convection Smoker, insulated Glasses and the meats that were cooked were furnished by the Orion Grill company and we appreciate
them for all the things they did for our March Program.
Cherokee Fishing Club News March
By Bo Besharse

The March meeting was actually an eating meeting and there were between 83 and 90 members in attendance.  When
we set up the room for the meeting, we had 80 chairs and during the meeting we had to bring out more chairs to
accommodate the extra folks.  We also had 16 new members joining the fishing club and 7 guests.  The brand new
members were Mike and Jan McClain, Mike Collier, Mike Weed, Jack McMcIllhenny and Jill, Robin Palmer and
Wayne Wolven.  Our guest included Tyler and Caitlynn Jordan, grandchildren of Gweneth and Willard Jordan, Joe
Johnson, Mysti Eason, Leon Courtney, Harold Chism and Diane Sartor.   If I happen to miss someone that joined our
club or was a guest, be sure to let me know.  We take great pride in recognizing all of our new members and guest and
thank them for attending the meeting.

Our Cookie People were Bob Tipitt, James Hewitt, Sharon Lakey, Brenda Wyche, Mayre Drennan, Karen Loper,
Carol Staiti, Genia Holland and Bonnie Haynes.  Because we were going to have a prepared meal, our Cookie People
brought desserts and side dishes for the meal.  These members have established a tradition of providing good food
for our members and guest.  Thanks guys and gals!

Royce Palmer and his brother, Robin Palmer, were the cookers and speakers for our meeting.  The manufacturer of
Orion Stainless Steel Convection Charcoal grills provided a new smoker to be given away to one of our lucky
members and Orion Smokers also provided about 30 pounds of Boston Butt, 12 Baby Back Ribs racks, and 20
pounds of Chicken that was cooked on their personal Orion product.  The smokers are retailed for about $150.00 and
the meats were about $200.00.  Our members and guests sampled a fantastic meal before the presentation and then
Royce and Robin gave the group some very interesting information about the smokers.  Besides being cooked to
perfection on the smokers, almost 95 pounds of meat was cooked and ready in about five hours.  Royce and Robin
used a total of 4 smokers, to cook all the meat.  The time on cooking meats with the Orion Smoker is about seven
minutes per pound!  That is less than half the time it takes to cook the same meats on a large regular pit.  The
convection smoker is constructed to keep meats cooking without exposing the meats to the charcoal and smoke from
the charcoal.  Inside the meat container, chips of mesquite, oak, hickory, pecan or other preferred smoking wood
favorites, can be placed inside the cooking chamber to give the meat the desired smoke flavor.  If anyone is
interested in learning about the Orion Stainless Convection Charcoal smoker, the Orion website is www.  You will be able to find the locations of dealers on the website.  We appreciate the time and
efforts that Royce and Robin put in to prepare the food and discuss the cooker.  I would also like to thank Christian
Fitzgerald, CEO of Orion Cookers for providing a door prize and all the meats for our members and guest.  Orion also
provided about 50 insulated cups, with the Orion logo, to our group.  Every person in attendance was given one raffle
ticket and the winning ticket belonged to Mike Kalb.  This guy is lucky!!

Because we spent most of the time eating and enjoying the presentation, we did not spend much time on other
business but some items were brought up to the group.  Don Anderson wanted everyone to know that the fish feeders
are in operation at the John C Spradley fishing area.  Right now the feeders are putting out fish food about 9:00 a.m.
but adjustments to the times will be made soon and those times will be published on the CFC website or in the
Chatter, when the adjustments have been made.  Brood Crappie have been placed into the Crappie pond and the
catfish and bream will be stocked in April.  The F1 Tiger bass should be placed into the pond in June.

Our regular monthly raffle was held at the end of our meeting and the winners and prizes were;  Dave Clark, Rod and
Reel Combo; Regan Wyche, $45.00 cash; Guest, Caitlynn Jordan won two tickets to a meal and a movie; Seth Butler,
Fishing shirt and Buff headwear; Vern Brown,$45.00 gift card to Academy.

We, the Cherokee Fishing Club and the Preservation Club, have discussed bringing some Wounded Warriors and
disable veterans to Lake Cherokee and give them a day on the lake which will include fishing and boating.  Mike
Martin, of R&K, and West Drum, in Lakeport, have also volunteered to help with this project.  The date will be June
13 for this event and we will have a rain date of June 20, the June 20 date will only be used in the event of rain,
lightning or very high winds that occurs on the original date of June 13.  We have several people that have
volunteered to help in the “Wounded Warrior Day” but we still need people to provide boats for both fishing and
riding around the lake.  Please contact me at 903-738-3090 or email or Genia Holland at
903-643-2538.  You may also contact Jane Wolven, President of the Preservation Club at 903-643-8003 or Tommy
Pelton at 903-330-0340.  
Cherokee Fishing Club Chatter Article for March Meeting